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"Try just a bite" - of exercise!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

If you have ever been around a picky eater (or maybe you are a picky eater) you have probably heard or said: "Try just a bite"'ll like it.

"Try just a bite"'s sooooo good for you. "Try just one little bite".... I worked hard all day to make this meal! 😀

We all know that we can't live on mac and cheese alone, so we encourage our kids (and maybe ourselves) to try different foods. We also don't usually eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Our bodies NEED a variety of foods to meet all our of needs and to work the way it is supposed to. (Because you know how a strict diet of mac and cheese would make you feel 😯)

Did you know that this is the same for the type of exercise that we do? We need a variety of movement patterns and types of activities for our bodies to function at full capacity and to be able to do the different things our lives require. Years ago, when I started adding yoga style workouts to my fitness routine, I saw a big difference in how my body was able to recover and function. I started taking deliberate time to actively stretch and focus on mobility and flexibility, in conjunction with weight lifting and cardiovascular training. This has allowed me to overcome obstacles, injuries and changes to my body and my fitness routine over the years. As a "non-yogi", I now LOVE it and incorporate it weekly into my workout routine. -Sarah

And as for me, hi- this is Christa 👋, I started adding strength training

and functional movements into my yoga routine and was amazed at how it helped strengthen my body in ways I hadn't anticipated. The types of moments I'm drawn to are the movements that I'm most naturally comfortable in- stretching, lengthening and toning the muscles. Athletic movements or movements that build muscle always felt foreign and abnormal, not to mention the self criticism I allowed when it didn't come natural. After allowing my ego to deflate and my friend to guide me, I learned that my body needed these types of movements to break through the plateau I was in. My yoga practice was even strengthened as I can now more safely get in and out of postures. Continuously doing the same movements over and over was only allowing me to strengthen certain areas in my body- causing the other areas I was neglecting to weaken. I now work hard to get a balanced 'meal' of toning, strengthening and stretching exercises into my routine to help me stay balanced. -Christa

This is why we were drawn to create the diverse fitness program we've developed. With a well rounded schedule of strengthening, toning, stretching and conditioning exercises at your fingertips, you can accomplish your goals quicker and easier with less risk of injury. We have also put the classes into a virtual format so you can do them anywhere you have Wi-Fi and we included a basic schedule to follow that is adjustable to your specific needs- taking the guess work out of starting something new. We hope you'll let us guide you in your fitness journey with our 6-week Program and Virtual Fitness Plan! Check out more here:

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