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What is the Faith Fueled Living Program- And why do YOU need it?

You might say, “I already know what I should be doing, I just have to do it!” Well, therein lies the problem. You’re not doing it or you wouldn’t be reading this post! Our 6-Week Faith Fueled Living Program is designed to keep you accountable with specific guidelines and intentional structure to follow, taking the work out of getting started and helping you follow through! We also offer a an online community just for program participants to keep you motivated every step of the way. Let me start by saying what a wellness program often is, because there are so many different types. Some are based around a fitness style that claims to be the very best plan for your body; weight lifting, yoga, dance fitness -you name it you'll find a program for it. There are other programs that focus solely on nutrition and mindset. Offering to help you lose X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks. Some programs combine these elements and our 6-Week Faith Fueled Living Program is one of these!

We offer a virtual fitness schedule with diverse class offerings. Five class styles using movements similar to those in yoga, Pilates, weight and resistance training to help build strength, endurance, and flexibility. We also offer nutrition guidance focusing on your own self-evaluation of how you feel when you eat certain foods and providing you tools to help make lifestyle changes that you can continue after the 6-week program.

The main difference about our program though is that it is based on a Christian foundation,

bringing a unique spiritual focus that helps you look at your overall health through God's lens. The intention is not to focus on how many pounds or inches you're going to shed (although that may be a side effect 😃) The intention here is to help you feel well enough and strong enough to live a life honoring God and also providing you with lifestyle changes to help you live your fullest life!

If you’re feeling stuck and/or needing some accountability now is the time to join our 6- week program. You can join with a friend and each get $50 off making it just $150 each for the nutrition program, the six week virtual fitness plan and the online community. We care deeply about your overall health and want to help you succeed. Check out the program and let us help you get and stay on track with your wellness!

You'll receive:

  • a downloadable Journal with daily prompts

  • full access to our member portal with a daily checklist

  • our virtual fitness schedule and 20 diverse fitness classes

  • access to our online community

To join the Program go to and click join. You can chose your start date and you'll immediately receive an email with all the log-in information to get you started.

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