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At Faith Fueled Living we believe balance is key for true wellness. Our entire being, our spirit and physical body was created by one creator to work best when properly cared for. We offer resources to care for your nutrition, strength, mobility and flexibility that also deepens your relationship with God.

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About Us

Meet Sarah and Christa


Christa Starn

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Hi there! I'm Christa Starn

I'd LOVE to connect with you!

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Sarah Freeman

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Hello! I'm Sarah Freeman.

Let's connect!

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Hello! I'm Sarah Freeman.

Health and fitness have always been an important part of my life, but my motives for being active and eating "the right foods" were not what I'd call healthy. When I became a mom everything changed! I want my daughters to see themselves how God sees them, not how the world tells them to be SO I had to dig in and learn to believe what God says about me, how he sees me and what that means about our physical and mental health. Putting God at the center of my health journey has transformed my mindset and given me freedom, joy and confidence in who I am and who he is calling me to be! 


I've been married for 16 years and my oldest daughter is 11. When the weather is warm, we love to be outside. (If it's too cold though, I'll curl up with good book or a family board game.) We love to camp, hike, backpack, and explore as a family.  On weekends you might find us on a dirt road or hiking the hills and trails in our beautiful state of Idaho. I also love food and love to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen. Especially when my garden is in full bloom and I can pick fresh veggies, herbs and fruit right out of my back yard.  I am in awe of the wonderful plants and flowers that God gave us and am always striving to learn how to better use these natural foods and herbs to heal and sustain our bodies and equip us to live our fullest lives! 

My favorite thing about walking alongside you in your health and wellness journey is that every one's journey is different, but God is the same. He loves you and wants to bring you joy and strength every step of the way. 



Hi there! I'm Christa Starn

I love partnering with women who are insecure in the way they look and feel to encourage and motivate them to care for their bodies the way God intends!

I am a native Idahoan married to my best friend who I met at the age of 12. I truly LOVE being the mom of three teenagers if you can believe that! Our family spends most of our spare time exploring the Idaho Forests; hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, paddle boarding and anything else that includes fresh air and sunshine!


In my younger years I struggled to love and care for my body. Jesus has been the leader of my life for over 20 years now and 15 years ago He led me to bring Him into the center of my physical wellness journey. I discovered how powerful it is to bring worship, scripture and prayer into a traditional fitness style class developing not only physical strength but spiritual health as well.

 My sweet spot is teaching classes that are a Christian Alternative to Yoga bringing breath, stretching and worship into one experience. My hope and prayer is to help motivate and encourage you to take care of your body enabling you to fully live the life God created you for!

What People are Saying



 I have loved my time working out with Faith Fueled Fitness and getting to know so many great people!  I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for excellent workouts!



I appreciate Faith Fueled fitness classes, not only because of the instructors sweet spirit, clear direction and godly leadership, but because her instruction is challenging without being discouraging.



I have had re-occurring headaches for years and after starting attending Faith Fueled Fitness Christian alternative to yoga classes my headaches have completely subsided! I'm so thankful for the stretching. My body really needs it!

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