Live Fueled by Faith


Welcome to Faith Fueled Fitness




Faith Fueled Fitness is a wholistic approach to health and wellness that equips, encourages and empowers you to live your fullest life! 



Health- Spiritual, Emotional & Physical- This is what God wants for us. All of it. And this is what drives us at Faith Fueled Fitness. We combine fun, functional, holistic and effective fitness classes with nutrition coaching and a genuine desire to live the life God wants for us. A full, healthy life!

Christa Starn

Christa is a head over heels wife, a mother of three amazing children and a lover and follower of Jesus! She founded Faith Fueled Fitness in 2016, after having taught Zumba, Yoga and PiYo in the traditional sense for over five years. she felt led to purposefully and powerfully bring Jesus into the physical health journey of fitness and discovered the power of pairing fitness with Christian music, scripture and prayer- allowing us to be truly Fueled by Faith!

Christa has been certified in Holy Yoga, Yoga Fit and as an Athletic and Fitness Association of America Group Fitness Instructor. She now teaches Faith Fueled Fitness classes, retreats and certifies others to instruct Faith Fueled Fitness Classes as a Christian Alternative to Yoga.

Sarah Freeman

Sarah is in love with her husband of 15 years and a mom to two amazing daughters. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and is passionate about living an active, healthy and balanced life.  Fitness has always been an important aspect of her life and she loves sharing the mind, body, spiritual wellness connection with others. She loves food, loves to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen. 


Sarah is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer,  Certified Nutrition Coach, and small group coach. Her goal as a personal trainer and nutrition coach is to help others live their best lives by incorporating physical activity, overall healthy habits and a focus on Spiritual well-being to everyday life. 




Meditation Class


Freedom is a restorative Christian alternative to yoga style class focusing on stretching and relaxing our bodies, becoming aware of our breath and learning to let go of stress in our bodies and minds.

Yoga Class


Learn, develop and combine yoga and pilates poses to build strength, stability and stamina physically & mentally; while using God's word and prayer to grow spiritually.

Warrior One


Challenge yourself and move quickly and rhythmically through yoga and pilates
postures building courage & core centered strength, empowering physical and spiritual growth! 

Fitness Class


Strength and endurance training with an emphasis on functional fitness. Every workout is different, improving and maintaining physical strength and endurance. Classes combine resistance training, body weight movements, circuit and high-intensity interval training.




This is exactly what I was looking for exercise. It is an hour long class that is so much more than just exercise. We are a community and always welcome more people.


Thank you for an amazing workout today! Highly recommended!


I appreciate Christa Starn’s fitness classes, not only because of her sweet spirit, clear direction and godly leadership, but because her instruction is challenging without being discouraging.


Sarah P.

I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Sarah Freeman.  She is truly a full-service trainer, providing me with full-body workouts that I can effectively use at the gym and at home, that work around prior injuries and that give results - I actually have a waist again!  She also went above and beyond, working with me to  provide healthy food suggestions that I can successfully follow, and educating me on cardio options that work for me.  


Sarah starts every early morning with a smiling face and energy that radiates the room. She is a teacher by nature and her expansive fitness knowledge has provided me with amazing results. The classes she coached and her experience made me excited to get up and go to the gym in the morning!


Sarah is amazing Personal Trainer and Class Coach!