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More Than Yoga- How to Live Your FULLEST Life!

Quite honestly, over the past few years, I have fallen in LOVE with the way I feel doing Yoga and Pilates style movements, but NOT in love with the endurance and cardiovascular strength, I have lost by not doing anything else. When I taught yoga, dance fitness and incorporated other weight and cardio training into my routine, I was in the best shape of my life.

It sounds like a lot, but honestly, I probably worked out 2-3 times/week, and I loved and looked forward to it. I felt I had the strength and energy to take care of my three little ones, help my husband with the 'man stuff' and I loved that for the first time I could keep up on the hills when we went hiking or hunting.

I developed Faith Fueled Fitness about three years ago and have put my whole heart and soul into it. I developed three different yoga and Pilates styled classes that build on one another, and are attainable for anyone. We also bring a focus of encouragement, love and community into each class. Freedom stretches the body and helps you focus on releasing tension in the body, Flow brings a little more strength training in as you hold and move through postures, and Fire moves the body in a faster pace adding more Pilates and coordinating with rhythm...but something was still missing.

As I worked with my students and saw my own development, I noticed there was a lot of growth in mobility, balance and strength in the postures we move through and an amazing spiritual deepening, but not a lot of growth in fat burning, cardio (heart) strengthening or endurance. When I started running (definitely NOT my favorite work out choice😂) I noticed just how bad my cardio was. I want to be strong and healthy for my family and myself. I know God needs me to be healthy to accomplish what He put me on this earth to do, and I know that's true of others as well. So to accomplish this, I felt it was important to incorporate another form of exercise into this Faith Fueled regimen.

I'm so excited and thankful to be joined by personal trainer and friend, Sarah Freeman, who is helping to offer a more versatile approach to obtaining a healthy and strong being with personalized options, nutritional support, and a new class style format.

FUEL FIT is our newest class style and is structured as a small personalized group training class. This class is led by a personal trainer and while it is still full of encouragement and love, there is more focus on growing our strength and endurance, with an emphasis on functional fitness, helping you take what you learn into your everyday life. Classes combine resistance training, bodyweight movements, circuit and high-intensity interval training.

By adding this element to Faith Fueled Fitness, we are working to build a community of encouragement, creating and obtaining realistic goals that will work with your lifestyle. Our goal is to equip, encourage and empower you to live your FULLEST life!

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