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Food. Such a small word with such a big impact.

Food is necessary for our bodies to function and sustain.

Food is part of our social and cultural experiences.

Food is ingrained in our memories - good and bad. Food can be an idol, it can be a source of celebration or punishment. For many people food is an enemy, a form of control or a source of comfort. Our society has been inundated with diets that are quick fixes or sure things, only to find out that they are neither. Diet marketers spend billions of dollars every year to convince consumers that their way of eating is the best. It is no wonder that our relationship with food has a deep connection with our emotional well-being and even our sense of worth. Food is an important part of our lives and, for many of us, a complex and confusing part at that! I have had my own personal struggles with food over the years and believe that God has used those struggles to shape and mold the healthy perspective that he has given me today. I believe that food is a gift. It is a good and perfect gift from the Father, meant to fuel our bodies and minds AND as a source of enjoyment for our journey here on earth.

Here are some of the lessons that I have learned on my own food journey:

  1. Starving myself to look a certain way is harmful for my body and my mind.

  2. Restricting myself from foods that I enjoy makes me angry and want it even more!

  3. Eating food to make my emotions go way, leads to deeper and harder emotions in the long run.

  4. Food is a gift from God, but not all food works for every body.

  5. God can give us a new perspective on food and help us use this gift in a healthful way.

  6. I love to experiment with food.

  7. I love to learn about the amazing impact that food has on our bodies.

  8. I love to talk about food. (If you know me at all, you know this is true!)

Over the last year, I have continued to experiment with recipes and food strategies. In December I completed my Nutrition Coaching Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am currently taking new clients to coach and guide towards healthy and sustainable eating habits. I love working 1 on 1 with individuals to change their eating habits, feel better, slim down and achieve their goals!

Many of my coaching concepts are incorporated into our 6 week Faith Fueled Living Program, which will be available SOON! If you have questions about 1 on 1 coaching, please reach out directly for details. I'd love to talk with you about food.

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