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What IS Living your FULLEST Life?

Playing on the playground with the kids, being able to travel in retirement, spending more time with loved ones doing the activities you all love....these things all require us to be healthy. At Faith Fueled Fitness we focus on equipping, encouraging and empowering you to live your fullest life- but what does that mean? What does that mean to you? We have a definition of what it means to us, we've heard from a few of our members what that means to them, and we'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

As we partnered to form the NEW Faith Fueled Fitness, we discussed in detail what our primary purpose for existing would be. We agreed wholeheartedly that we want ourselves, and others, to be equipped and engaged in living a life that is FULL and God-honoring, not hindered by pain, injury and other health-related issues. We know and believe that God created each of us for a purpose and has given us the resources to accomplish His plan in our lives. We also see over and over how unhealthy life choices can reduce our mobility, overall well being and affect our ability to fulfill what God has created us for. Consequently, this leads to unhappy, unfulfilled, often frustrated and depressed lives.

When I envision a FULL life, I picture myself looking forward to activities like hiking with my family, roller skating with the kids and biking on the greenbelt. I see a balanced life allowing me to enjoy good foods that I love while also challenging myself to find new healthy foods to add to my diet. I see myself and my family being properly nourished, not over-stressed about enjoying treats on occasion and living a life full of energy. I also see myself in a close relationship with my God, trusting and relying on Him always. Finding Joy even in the difficult stuff, patience instead of frustration and an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude in the everyday stuff.

Recently (at a 5:30am class), a few members were sharing their experiences and expressed their excitement for the results they have already begun to see and feel. One shared that after just 2 weeks of sticking to an exercise plan she could now comfortably sit on the floor without pain. This would enable her to sit and play with her daughter more often. Another shared that she lost more belly fat and was so excited that her little ones could fit more comfortably on her lap. They were encouraged to continue seeing changes in their lives that would affect their parenting abilities, energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing.

So... what does a FULL life look like for you? Three weeks into the new year, what do you envision when you think about living YOUR fullest life? We want to hear from you. We can help you take steps and give you accountability to make those dreams a reality. No more excuses, commit to your health and living your fullest life this year! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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