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Hunting Wife/Mom

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It‘s probably a surprise to many, but I have been a hunter most of my life. When I was younger, I loved getting to go hunting with my dad and then my husband. I’d much rather go climb the mountains, enjoy the time out in nature and capitalize on the adventure than stay home and do things like cook for the hunting crew and clean up after everyone. I loved the connection time with the men in my life, getting to prove myself worthy while following along in their footsteps. (Literally) It was thrilling and a huge part of my identity growing up in a hunting family in Idaho.

As I became a mom, hunting took a bit of a back seat to motherhood. I felt it was important to stay home with the kids but also really enjoyed getting to stay in my warm cozy bed snuggling my baby/babies as my husband would go out into the cold to start the hunt. As there were others around to help, I would still go out off an on as the kids got older. Spring turkey hunting was more accessible than fall deer and Elk, but I would enjoy the time with my husband when possible.

Before long the kids started hunting as well. First turkey’s then deer and elk. The older ones would go with dad and I’d stay with the younger ones. Eventually we could all go and following dads lead, hike around the hills looking for an animal that would bless our freezer for the season.

Now all the kids are old enough to gather their own gear, and with a little guidance offer another hand and truly hunt as a team with dad...and when they all leave before the sun comes up and hike up the cold mountain, I am thoroughly over joyed to allow them their bonding time while I curl up in my warm bed for a few more hours, get up to cook breakfast & sip coffee in a quiet cabin with the fire going and maybe evens a little yoga then bake some banana bread :)

I still like to join on occasion and am thankful to be physically capable of keeping up when I chose to go. I still don’t love to cook, but as I’ve matured I’ve realized the moms who stay home might be on to something!

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