Faith Fueled Living 6-Week Program

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Join us August 22nd - Oct. 2nd for our 6-Week Program.

Let's do this together and you'll get these added bonus's for FREE!

💻 This Program is 100% virtual and accessible on your phone, computer or tablet.

 🧾 You'll receive a printable Food and Gratitude Journal so you can put pen to paper and keep track of your progress.

🏢 You also get a customizable fitness plan with streamable videos for all fitness levels.

As an added bonus for these 6-Weeks only, we're offering:

👋FREE Weekly Live Check-In's (zoom call Noon on Wednesdays) and

🧘‍♂️FREE Live In-Person Classes (Tues & Thurs' 8:30-9:30am)!!!

We have limited spaces available, so sign up today and join us!

  • Total Package!

    Faith Fueled Program

    6-Week Virtual Faith Fueled Living Program
    Valid for 2 months
    • Daily Tools & Resources
    • Daily Accountability
    • Virtual Fitness Program
    • Printable Gratitude & Food Journal
    • Accountability Group
  • 1 Month Live Classes

    One month in-person classes
    Valid for one month
    • 2 Classes/ week for the month
  • Monthly ClassAutopay

    Every month
    Make it easy- set up automatic payments!
    • Unlimited Live Classes
  • Single Class Drop-In

    Valid for 6 months

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