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Current Fitness Instructors

 -Faith Fueled Fitness Certification -Must Already be a Certified Instructor-  


If you're a current fitness instructor looking to add a more spiritual aspect to your classes, this is the program for you!

This complete eight-week training certification includes:
o    8 weekly 1 hour online video calls led by Christa Starn

o    Complete manual of yoga & pilates postures, modifications and flows

o    Weekly lesson on weaving the word into your class

o    Learn the three styles of Faith Fueled Fitness: Freedom, Flow and Fire

o    The Way of Agape Book study- Learning to Love God's Way

You will be required to:

o    Spend time in your bible daily and journal

o    Complete weekly homework (approx. 10 hours/wk)

o    Attend or stream 3 Faith based classes/week​

o    Attend certifying 3-day retreat, Trinity Hot Springs, Featherville, ID  

$750.00 (Includes Retreat) 

contact us for available payment plans 

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