Why Church??

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Why Church? I've pondered that question often as I didn't grow up in church, I somewhat feared or looked down on people who went to church and didn't really understand why we needed other people around to prove we loved God. I knew I loved God, felt Him at the top of the mountains I would hike, talked to Him the whole way up...why go sit in a stuffy building with a bunch of strangers to sing songs I don't know and listen to someone else talk? The answer I uncovered- because God designed us for community and 'church'.

I do believe God created each and every one of us with our own unique talents, motivations and gifts. None of us possess every Godly quality, no matter how hard we try. He has designed us to need each other, to rely on each other and support each other. He designed us to make up the "body of Christ''. To truly be able to love each other, we need relationship. We need time spent together. We need to grow in honest, authentic real life- learning about God's desires for each of us.

The more I learned about God the more I realized the only thing He asks from us, besides to love Him and each other, is to spread the good news of Jesus love. How in the world is the average american supposed to do that I wondered? I wasn't totally prepared to go up and down the street with a sign,...and I didn't figure I'd get a great response anyhow. I knew I could share with people I know and meet, but then what? Tell them God loves them, Jesus died on the cross for them, now go read your bible and peace out....?

Church, as little as I loved the word and all the associations that came with it, was the logical - and biblical- answer. I prayed that God would bring me and my family to a true, honest, humble church family that was not condemning but loving, like Jesus. To enable us to help others at a larger capacity and help us grow in the process. When I looked at it like that, it made a whole lot more sense.

God didn't just show up, He basically had to hit me over the head to show me the church we were supposed to be a part of. When I first went I was so fearful of being judged. After a few visits I understood the mission and saw the authentic love in the church and I couldn't help but want to share it with everyone I knew! I feel so blessed to have been led, mentored and truly loved by the people at this local church. It has changed my life, the life of my husband and children and I pray you too can find the support and love from a local church family, and help serve a mission you are made for!

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