Resolution FAIL!

As I'm writing this, I'm still recovering from a wasted day as I totally failed after just 13 days starting my new mission of gaining better self control for this new year. Not sure if a Christian Wellness Blog is the best place to confess this, but in all honesty I drank too much alcohol, ate too much crap and felt completely worthless the entire next day. So much for my 'Self-Control' goal I had just set for the new year. I let myself wallow in self-pity and self-doubt all day the following day, ready to throw out my very recent attempt to be better. I felt like a failure and what was the point in continuing to pursue what I would surely fail at again.

Then, the fog lifted and I thought maybe failing was just what I needed to force me to put an action plan into place. My goal of self-control was yes indeed for better control over what I eat and drink, but also to not overdo my commitments, keep myself on task at accomplishing what needs done, and, this is a big one, not over-react when I get frustrated with my loved ones. Just being completely honest here. Those are the things I want to do better at in this new year of 2019. The things that, if I can find a way to improve, will help me feel like a better human; less stressed, with less guilt, and more productive happiness in my life.

So, today, only the third week of trying to do better, I have some ideas of HOW to accomplish this big, year long goal of bettering myself I want to take place. I'd love to share my ideas with you, and maybe inspire you to also not give up on your own goals, but put some action steps in place to help yourself get started.

1. My calendar now has now been filled- all the important things I need to accomplish are mapped out, and input into my calendar as to not be forgotten. This includes- house cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, running kids to activities as well as business planning, networking meetings, marketing time, teaching and choreographing classes.

I'm so excited to have the times planned to do all the items that weigh heavy on my mind and make me constantly grouchy with my kiddo's. As SOON as they walk in the door, my time is over. I'm refereeing, visiting, guiding them, running them around... Anyone else?? But I'm already feeling less stressed and free to enjoy my time with them, not just worrying about when I'm going to get the smears cleaned off the kitchen appliances or the marketing I need to do for Faith Fueled Fitness.

2. My kitchen has been mildly cleaned out of those items I have a hard time resisting, and a grocery order has been completed with healthier alternatives that I know I will eat. This week's meal plan has been planned out ensuring we're eating what we want to eat, not what's in the fridge at the last minute rush of OH NO! What's for Dinner??!! :)

3. My workout times have been scheduled, including times I don't teach. (This is huge for me as I need to take classes I don't teach, and hardly ever do!)

Sometimes we just need to fail. Set goals, make plans, evaluate what you want to change in your life, and then FAIL, miserably. The next step is to get back up, dust ourselves off, and put the action plans in place to do better next time. This won't ensure instant success, but being a little better than before is the goal for all of us, right?!

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