She Reconnected

She is reconnected

within a missional tribe

A fire lit in her soul

When she found her voice

Her place

Within a new tribe

A tribe of strangers

Now friends and co laborers

Embraced encouraged empowered

She goes

She says here I am

Send me

A light within her

Lights the way

Reconnecting in tribe

Fanning each other’s flame

Marching towards our promise lands


Encouraging faith

Embracing growth

Empowering change

She goes

She speaks

Up and out

For her for you for us for them

She finds true freedom

She gives it always

She teaches

She praises

She sings

She trusts

She thrives

She blooms

She is rooted in her own soul

After all that is where love grows

Spirit leads

Jesus speaks

She listens to her soul and she protects her heart

She is reconnected

To herself

To others

In tribe

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