She Is

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

She has been called by her name. She is you, she is me, she is us, she is we

She is the Image of God

In the image of God He created them male AND female, man AND woman He made them.

She is created in the image of God, just as He intended and so it was, and so we are

She has supernatural and divine gifts instilled in her, in His Image. His image represented in us, in her, in woman

In her most natural state, He said it is good

She was created to be

Without the mask, without the walls, without the fear, without the shame

She was hand crafted and it was good

She is in perfect unity and peace within herself and with others

She was created to be

Through her beauty, through her grace, through her heart songs, through her creativity, through her feminine nature

The world has a chance to be healed

In her natural state She was created to do great things

She was hand crafted and it was good

She doesn’t have to be more, she doesn’t have to be less, She doesn’t have to be perfect

She just has to BE

Who she was created to be

She gives the false expectations and false identities away for good, because they never belonged to her in the first place

Who would she be without them

She will soon see

Without them, freedom awaits

She takes the leap

To learn, to feel, and to live

She in fearless

In His freedom and presence, she stands

She will watch the fruit unfold before her wide-open eyes

She is adventure she is nature she is nurture she is light

She is ready

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