Ripples In the Water

I want the ripples of my life to go out around me just like they do in this photo.

I want to use what I have to make a difference.

I want to be transparent about my weaknesses but still shine bright in spite of myself.

To get this picture I struggled, I shook, I may have cursed, and then I took a few deep breaths and settled into this pose I know so well in easier circumstances. And guess what, I trusted myself and I nailed it, with peace and calm. Yet, it’s the work and movement that sent the ripples out before I got where I was going. It starts with the breath and trusting ones self.

Last week, I had a conversation about Jesus and Faith with a wealthy developer and investor in his fancy office with a picture of his Indian yoga teacher and Jesus on the same wall. I was comfortable there and saw his love for his work and people. In the same week I had two Jehovah’s witnesses in my living room; talking about the Bible and making my husband feel more comfortable to ask questions, than any church pew has (he didn’t grow up in church).They sacrifice their Saturday’s going out and introducing people to the Bible and all it has to offer, but we don’t live the same lives of faith or go to the same church. I’ve always questioned religions way of making people feel like their way is the only and best way to live, breath and think.

God is big and we are all created in His imagine and because I don’t put him in boxes I was able to thoroughly enjoy each of those conversations about His son, with people I am not religiously affiliated with, and I am so thankful for that freedom I have!

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