Brain Rest- Self Care Tip

Just a quick self-care tip for you as we are all in the hustle-bustle of getting back into the fall schedule. As women, we tend to put everyone else's needs above our own and exhaust ourselves caring for others. But if you're like many of us, when you lay down to rest you can't shut down. Use this tip to help you relax either when laying down to sleep at night or just giving your body and mind time to relax and be restored.

While going through my concussion this last year, my brain desperately needed rest but struggled with shutting off all the commotion going on in my head. It was so bad that it caused me physical pain to not be able to relax my mind and I knew I needed some tools to get my brain to quiet down.

The best tool I found is meditation. I know there are many guided meditations out there, but I would love to share the one I found so useful with you. It sounds a little cheesy but I cannot even express how well it works! Every night when I lay down and my brain starts going through all the things I need to do and all the planning I have ahead of me. I finally get to a point where I force myself to go through this meditation and almost always fall asleep before I'm done. 😴

**Imagine yourself laying on a rainbow. Your body is relaxing on the top of the rainbow, you are breathing in wonderful scents of the color red... envision yourself breathing deep the smell of raspberries, cherries & strawberries. As your body starts to relax you feel yourself slowly drift downward into the orange where you indulge in delicious orange scents of cantaloupe, oranges, mangos, until your body is relaxed enough to drift down into the yellow space. As your body relaxes even more, envision yourself laying under the sunshine feeling the warmth on your skin and breathing in the smell of the Sunshine. Breathing slowly and deeply, fully drenching yourself in the senses and slipping down into green where feeling your body is resting on warm grass and smelling the scent of warm, fresh cut grass under you. (I honestly don't make it this far very often 😉) but if you do, relax into the color blue and envision being held by the warm soft sky and then slowly lowering all the way down into the arms of Jesus holding you and breathing the scents of lavender.

Whether it be this one or another, find at least one meditation that can help you to quiet your mind. I encourage you to make this a priority this week and give yourself the focused rest God designed for you. Center your mind, relax your body and quiet your spirit.

Prayers and love to all of you beautiful ladies out there!

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