MOVE with Purpose

IT is January. Resolutions are made. Hopes and anxieties are high. How will this year turn out? Will I make my goals? Will I hold onto my resolutions? So many of us put such a high priority on fixing and refining the outward, we forget about then inward. I, BY FAR do not have this all figured out. I have only started (and actually continued) this last year to truly work on myself from the inside out. But, I tell you, the growth I've witnessed the last year in myself, my family, my world- has inspired me to keep going, and bring others along side me!

I started the way I always the bible in a year. My biggest goal, always forgotten or abandoned by February. FINALLY, this year was different. I didn't make the goal to read the bible in a year. I vowed to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I prayed for help. I asked the Lord to lead me. I followed. That's it.

A mentorship came my way and I was ecstatic. The Lord led my family away on new adventures over the summer allowing me time to grow deeper roots with Him. My business/ministry was born and grew. Relationships, fueling and growing my family and myself were started. I watched all the growth, excitement and relationships be led and grow because of my daily time with the Lord.

My amazing mentor taught me to pray first. Read a small selection of the bible and STOP when God says. Don't push past just to check mark a box on a reading plan. Read a version that speaks to you (NLT changed everything for me) and journal what you heard, learned or felt spoke to you. Pray for God to help you understand what you question. SHARE what you learn.

So here is my blog started. I"ll be sharing with you what I am learning. When God says MOVE- Move, when God says STOP, stop. He is always good. He is always for you. But if you don't take the time to listen, pray, read, will YOU know His Will for YOU?

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