Tips to Stay Accountable for your Workout!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Working out is often times not the first item on our list. Especially as women. We frequently put everyone else's needs before our own. We know we should workout, we may even really want to, but something else always comes up and the intentions run out the window. Especially if we're working on adding a new workout routine to our schedule. Here are a few tips I've used myself to help keep me accountable to me!


I realize this is not feasible for everyone, but quite honestly, this was a HUGE factor in my decision to start teaching group fitness classes. If you have committed yourself to teaching others, you will most definitely be on your A game, and you won't have much of an excuse not to show up. It also helps shift that focus of doing something for yourself to doing something for others. (A bit of a trick as it benefits you just as much) but it works ;-)


If teaching isn't in the cards for you, the second best tip I can give you is to put it on your schedule! In writing, in your calendar, on your phone, whatever form of a schedule you keep, add your workout to it. Treat it the same as you would if your child had a doctor's appointment. It's that important. Add it to the calendar, schedule around it, and show up!


If you join an exercise class, run/walk, play sports, hike, do yoga etc. and you don't love it, TRY SOMETHING NEW. If you don't love your workout, you're not going to make time to do it. You're not going to be consistent about doing it. And you're definitely not going to continue doing it long-term. Find something that fills up your soul, moves your body, and brings you some kind of success, physically, emotionally, mentally &/or spiritually.


Whether you invite someone to go with you, or just tell someone about this commitment you've made to go, share it with someone else. Try to share with an encouraging friend who might have her own workout routine and won't let you get away with any excuses, but definitely tell someone. Even if you have to exaggerate a little to convince yourself, tell them how excited you are about it. This will help them know how important it is to you, and hopefully follow up with you about it. You also won't want to tell them later that you didn't follow through with your commitment.


This can be something very small and simple, but everyone likes to get excited and even something trivial can be very motivating. Maybe you buy yourself a new shirt to wear while working out and get excited about wearing it, or maybe you allow yourself to stop in for a healthy smoothy afterwards. Just offer yourself some sort of a treat. If funds are tight, plan ahead and get some fun items at the grocery store you only allow yourself after the workout. (Don't go on an all out binge and compromise all the work you did, but a small treat can go a long way in motivation.)


Any goal that is motivating and inspiring to you. It can be a size goal, fitting into clothing you haven't worn in a while; a strength goal, feeling strong enough to go full force through an entire HIIT or Fire class without giving up; an endurance goal, running a race or marathon; just set some type of personal goal! And don't keep it in the back of your mind. There's something powerful about writing it down, or better yet telling someone else. It makes your goal real. And nothing is going to motivate you or help you stay accountable if it isn't taken seriously.

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